Known as the 'land of fire and ice', a holiday in Iceland offers probably the most diverse landscape you are ever likely to see in one country.

Sitting astride the middle of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, Iceland is one of the world's most volcanic regions resulting in some of the most unique geography and surreal landscapes: geysirs, hot pools, active volcanoes, majestic mountains and fjords, vast deserts of black sand, glaciers (including mighty Vatnajökull, Europe´s largest) and impressive waterfalls including Dettifoss, the most powerful in Europe. All this along with the Midnight Sun and, weather permitting, the Northern Lights from October to March.

Facts About Iceland

Perhaps one of the most surprising facts, however, is that due to the Gulf Stream the weather is surprisingly warm in summer and winter temperatures are usually above 0 centigrade.

Iceland is the second largest island in Europe with a population of just over 300,000. The country lies midway between North America and continental Europe yet is just a 2-hour flight from Glasgow, 2 ½ hours from Manchester and 3 hours from London Heathrow.

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Active Holidays
Active Holidays You don't have to be super fit for one of our activity holidays to Iceland, all we request is a sense of adventure and a love for the great ourdoors.
Short Break Holidays
Short Break Holidays Not everyone has the time to take two weeks away from home or work, so these short break holidays to Iceland are the perfect solution.
Escorted Holidays
Escorted Holidays Our escorted tours to Iceland have been chosen specifically for their content, standard of accommodation and service, they also offer what we consider to be a leisurely yet exhilarating experience!
Fly-Drive Holidays
Fly-Drive Holidays For those who want the freedom of a motoring tour but do not want to take their own car, we offer a selection of fly-drive holidays to Iceland.
Unique Accommodation Holidays
Unique Accommodation Holidays Are you looking to add a completely different dimension to your holiday other than the destination itself?
Local Culture Holidays
Local Culture Holidays These Sightseeing and Culture tours are designed for you to see the heart of Iceland.
Iceland Northern Lights
Northern Lights Holidays A Northern Lights holiday in Iceland increases your chance of seeing the world’s most sought after celestial phenomenon.
Iceland family holidays
Family Holidays Our family holidays promote being outdoors and enjoying nature, they have been created with our favourite pastime in mind: spending time with the family!