A holiday in Greenland, the world's largest island, is an opportunity to enter a unique world of natural beauty and way of life.

This is a world of giant icebergs, towering mountains, lush green countryside and calving glaciers. Greenland's icecap alone covers almost 1.8 million square kilometres, 14 times the size of England! At its thickest point it is three kilometres deep and, over millions of years, its enormous weight has compressed the bedrock by about 800 metres.

Southern Greenland

A particular phenomenon unique to South Greenland is the ice floe. In contrast to the iceberg, ice floes consist of saltwater frozen into large sheets of ice up to three metres thick and are constantly in motion. South Greenland is characterised by short distances which means that on a short visit it is possible to experience towns and settlements, glaciers, history and, not least, Greenlandic culture. It is also possible to see the ruins of churches and farms from the 500 years of settlement in Scandinavian times.

For something really special, you can visit the hot springs and bathe in water at 36 degrees centigrade, while at the same time enjoying the sight of the ice floes decoratively scattered over the sea.

Summer temperatures of 16 to 18 degrees centigrade are not uncommon in Southern Greenland, so experience a country of contrastic beauty, of surreality and beauty.

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