Stay in Scandinavia's most unique and unusual hotel- The Treehotel in Swedish Lapland.

Published on 19th March 2012 by Shing Yoong

Treehouses usually come hand in hand with dodgy DIY and get left behind as the descent from childhood begins.

But now a new range of treehouses have been designed to let grown-ups step back into the footprints of youth and explore the DIY of world-class Scandinavian architects. Set inside undisturbed nature, you go to sleep and wake up as though you were one of the forest's wild inhabitants.

There are five imaginative treehouses on offer, these are:

The Bird's Nest

This treeroom's exterior is nothing but a gigantic bird's nest, that's caught the attention of Sesame Street's Big Bird but whilst he's saving his pennies for a trip across the Atlantic, we thought we'd keep the nest warm for him!

The Cabin

Stepping into this treeroom is to step inside a capsule where nothing but yourself and the beautiful scenery it overlooks exisits.

The Mirrorcube

Attached around a single tree trunk, and can be seen reflecting its stunning surroundings it is no surprise that along with the Bird's Nest it is the most recognisable room. To prove that everything was taken into consideration when constructing this unforgettable room, the mirrored walls have been clad with infrared film to prevent birds from flying into them which is invisible to humans, but visible to the birds!

The Blue Cube

Providing you don't have an unhealthy loyalty to the colour blue, this treehouse which is of course is red, provides a unique twist on a traditional wooden house. The Blue Cone is based on simplicity and accessibility, both in terms of material and design.


Unlike the Bird's Nest which tries to camouflage itself into its surrounding, the UFO could not be any more different. The UFO proposes the idea that you are set inside another civilization and by creating the binary of nature and futuristic the idea is a complete success!

Taber Holidays provides a holiday to Swedish Lapland which incorporates a stay in these eccentric yet eco-friendly treehouses, and for more information on these incredible tree houses please visit their website at Treehotel.