Fine Cuisine, Culture and Adventure in Norway!

Published on 2nd May 2012 by Shing Yoong in Norway

Fresh back from her workshop in Norway, Suzel tells us she had a fabulous time!

Her highlights included a mouth-watering culinary experience by Kristoffer Hovland, head chef at the Fossheim Turisthotell in Lom. Hovland was awarded Norway's Chef of the Year 2004 and has put his expertise into Fossheim's gourmet restaurant; adding even more finesse to this beautiful hotel.

The next morning Suzel went cable gliding over the river Bøvra with Active in Lom, which also took her over a waterfall and under an old stone bridge. As you can see from the photo, Suzel took to the speed and strong river current with an almighty scream!

For a more relaxing afternoon, Suzel headed to Norway's most famous mountainous peaks to Jotunheimen National Park. They passed the Sognefjell mountain, where the snow had only just been cleared 15 minutes earlier. The photograph below shows how much snow had to be cleared- a mammoth task for those involved! Instead of a hike, they took the leisurely option of walking and admiring the panoramic views of the peaks and dipped valleys that encased their eyeline. For anyone who loves walking and hiking, Jotunheimen is one of the best places in the world to go for it. 'The Father' of the peaks is Galdhøpiggen, and depending on which route you take to access the summit, you will have to cross a huge glacier!

From the perspective of the workshop, it proved very valuable for Taber Holidays. Over the coming months you can expect to find a new Northern Lights trip to the Arctic, multi-day husky dog safaris and we're going to feature superb New Year holidays to Lofoten Islands, packed with new and exciting activities.

Blog Author: Shing Yoong