Taber Holidays have been a specialist tour operator to Scandinavian countries since 1973 which means we are celebrating over 40 years in business! Initially, we produced our first programme of tours to Norway, aptly entitled 'Norway Only', however, we quickly grew to feature a full range of tours by air and by sea to Scandinavia which includes: Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Greenland. Following our expansion, we naturally evolved from 'Norway only' to simply 'Scandinavia'.

We pride ourselves on our diversity, so you'll be hard pressed not to find a holiday that isn't what you're looking for. We have a wide selection of motoring tours, escorted tours, self-guided tours using public transport, self-catering tours and specialist cruising to a wide range of places within Scandinavia. If you need any help towards creating your dream holiday then all you have to do is drop us a line and a member of our friendly team will gladly assist you!

Meet the team

Suzel has worked in the Scandinavian travel business for over 26 years and therefore now knows a thing or two! There are very few places she hasn't visited or people she hasn't met and as a result there are very few jobs she does not do. Suzel's chief responsibilities are product development, brochure and website production and 'general managerial duties' i.e. running the company! During 2009, Suzel was awarded the Norway Travel Ambassador of the Year 2009 by Innovation Norway. Norway stole Suzel's heart the day she drove along the Northern shore of the Sognefjord.

TerryTerry, or 'Mr. Iceland', has worked in the Scandinavian travel industry for over 20 years and, although his knowledge of Norway is excellent, his chief speciality is Iceland - he absolutely loves it and his enthusiasm knows no bounds! Terry can't get enough of the Icelander's dry sense of humour and lust for life - which any visitor to Iceland will notice. He is also responsible for all tailor-made itineraries plus he advises all clients regarding holidays to Iceland. He know Iceland like an Icelander does; if you want to know the best places to eat, drink, sleep, hike and drive through - then ask Terry!

JoJo has worked in the Scandinavian travel industry for over 18 years and has travelled extensively throughout Norway, Sweden and Iceland. She therefore has superb first-hand knowledge of all the Scandinavian countries but most especially Norway, particularly Norway's public transportation system and road network. For this reason, Jo handles most of our tailor made itineraries for Norway and Sweden and also works very closely with Suzel on product development. Jo's favourite part of the job is anything to do with husky dogs - she is madly and utterly in love with these furry little (well most often big) creatures!

PeterPeter has worked in the travel industry for more years than he cares to remember and certainly more than we could ever get him to admit to. Peter originally worked for the founder our company, Roy Taber, who originally owned a chain of retail travel agencies in the north of England called Taber Travel. His knowledge of the nitty-gritties of travel operations is so extensive that we begged him to reconsider retirement and come back a couple of days a week to keep things in order.

ShingShing currently works for us part-time as she is studying creative writing and literature at university. She incorporates those skills by working closely with Suzel to enhance the content writing of our brochure and website. Shing loves to travel, and does so in abundance - her feet are always itchy! She is a culture vulture and loves to head where the museums are - her aim is to rebuff the notion that museums are boring! Her favourite experiences in Scandinavia include, driving down the Trollstigen road and kayaking in the Geirangerfjord! Now her aim is to catch up with the rest of the team by travelling Scandinavia extensively.

SusanSusan has worked and lived in Norway for many years and is perhaps Norway's finest Ambassador of Tourism! She lives in Bergen where she often meets guests at the airport or at their hotels. Her chief love though is to be 'out on the road' escorting group tours, researching new products and visiting hotels and guesthouses.

ClaraClara is the newest member of our team and has been showing us a thing or two about the world of Scandinavian music and cooking. She plays a big part organising our day to day office work - she has a baffling love for admin which not only makes her our newest member but also our most popular! In Clara's spare time she sings in her band 'Just Handshakes', but as of yet, we haven't heard any singing in the office - hopefully with a little more pestering we'll get some tunes out of her!


ClaraMargaret has been successfully running Specialised Tours for over 30 years, and in 2013 Taber Holidays and Specialised Tours merged operations. With her exceptional knowledge of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, Margaret has now taken over our tailor-made holidays. Needless to say Suzel is very happy about having Margaret on board, especially since they have been friends for over 25 years!


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